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Water Meters - We Have Them But Won't (yet) Use Them

While the new plumbing was being installed this year and last I noticed that hot and cold water meters had been added to the mix. I was worried another money drain was coming but it looks like the city of Vancouver is still a few years away from billing buildings for their water use.


Composting - The Easiest Way To Go Green

Hi everyone.

After many months of putting it off I've finally started composting my organic waste. I was quite reluctant to do this for a whole slew of what turned out to be nonsensical reasons. I was ticked off that the city was making me do something I'd never done before. I was worried about the expense of the compost container. I was worried about the smell. I was worried about the bugs. I was worried about loosing space in my kitchen. I was even worried about what I thought would be a huge amount of time to keep organic waste separated from the rest.

Plumbing renovation

I posted renovation pictures on the page assigned to my suite 3006.

Today's toilet drama

Today was a bit troubling, and embarrassing.

I was seated on the toilet when water started raining in the holes in my walls and ceiling. I could not leap up until I finished my business, and I was grateful for the single flush remaining in my toilet. The whole time I am worrying that the water streaming on my head and towels was not "fresh".